• 18th Jan 2019Hitting the 1 second mark for load speed of a Magento 2 Ecommerce site is very satisfying! Our team have managed to… https://t.co/OSLBecjsdG
  • 24th Aug 2018Do you understand your website conversion rates and how your website is currently performing? This is why you should https://t.co/ewjdsIIUlh
  • 7th Aug 2018You know your team is passionate about development when achieving a score of 92 on Google pagespeed insights for on… https://t.co/TZNLRHaZ5z
  • 16th Jul 2018Custom solutions are something we have real passion for. Read how a custom web build has been a success for Pretty… https://t.co/Bx4IHpst0i
  • 21st Nov 2017Having a client who sells sweets and drinks definitely has it's perks! An exciting new website coming for WorldWide… https://t.co/a9Gswp0D0K
  • 18th Oct 2017Proud to sponsor Chadderton Park FC open age team. It's great to support a local team. Check it out on a mannequin… https://t.co/UqRsz6mapV
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How Can E-commerce Sites Boost Their Christmas Sales?

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There is so much for online retailers to do through the year that Christmas catches up with them faster than Santa’s sleigh on a steep decline. Ideally, planning for Christmas needs to be done well in advance but many find themselves scrabbling around too close to the 25th to have a real impact and boost their sales as much as they could.

5 Website Tests To Run Before Launch

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In the space between the development stage of a website and the moment it goes live, a new website needs to be thoroughly tested to ensure that everything is working smoothly. After all, going live with a site that isn’t working properly is not going to get you off to a good start in the eyes of your potential clients.

How Can You Improve Your Websites Usability?

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Although the behind-the-scenes development of a website can be a complicated and convoluted process, the final product has to be a website that is incredibly simple to use. If a site isn’t straight forward to navigate for the average user, they will quickly lose interest or become frustrated to the point where they will leave in a very short amount of time.

What Are The New Features On the Magento 2.3.0 Platform?

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Magento has grown to become one of the most sought-after platforms for e-commerce. It is full of highly useful and easy to use tools to help every commercial enterprise flourish online by reaching more clients and making purchasing online easier than ever before.

Why Are People Uninstalling Your App?

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It is a satisfying feeling to finally get your app ready and for people to actually start downloading and using it. After all, you’ve spent so much time and money developing it that it is a relief when it actually comes to fruition. So, why is it that people are uninstalling your app?

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