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January Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce

After all the excitement running up to Christmas, driving sales up for online retailers and high-street stores alike, we find ourselves with the January sales blues. Not only has everyone eaten too much over the Christmas period, they’ve also spent more on gifts than they have for the rest of the previous year combined and it can be hard to get them to splash out on anything else in January as people take a firm grasp of their wallets and purses.

This is a real thorn in the side for ecommerce business, as although they have just been through a period of boosted sales, January sales always struggle, and the gains they made in December can be undone by the lack of sales in the start of the year.

To avoid January undoing all your hard work, it is important that you are smart with your marketing strategies. This down time after the Christmas approach and Boxing Day sales throws up a number of great opportunities to make further sales, read on to find out how…

1.     Sales Promotions

Boxing day sales have evolved from the single-day sale they once were; where families could spend a day out of the house over Christmas, visit a few of the shops and grab a bargain with their Christmas money. Now, Boxing Day is the start of most retailers’ ‘January Sales’ which run from Boxing Day until halfway through January (usually.) As well as a January sale you could also try:

·         Discount Codes – Some online stores make great use of voucher codes during January as not only does it give people a chance to pick up a few missed presents at reduced prices, discount codes induce a sense of urgency amongst buyers and make them more likely to buy now, rather than later.

·         Clearance Sale – After Christmas, retailers receive a large number of unwanted items in returns and some will find a large amount of surplus stock leftover that they couldn’t sell. This gives a perfect opportunity to hold a clearance sale at reduced prices to help make space for your 2019 lines.


2.     New Year’s Resolutions

Social Media in January is flooded with a cascade of New Year’s Resolutions; from getting in shape to taking up hobbies, healthy eating to simply reading more, and with all this ‘New Year, New Me’ taking over, ecommerce sites have a chance of taking advantage of a golden opportunity.

If you sell any products that fall in line with people’s New Year transformations, this is the time you want to target those looking to better themselves in 2019 through:

·         Health and Fitness – Wellness is always at the top of the agenda in January, more so than it may be for the rest of the year, so the potential for selling anything to do with health and fitness is huge. Fitness gear, protein powders, exercise equipment, health foods, vitamins and minerals, even things like e-cigarettes can see boosts in sales during January as people attempt to improve how they live.

·         Productivity – Another self-improvement that is on the agenda for January is boosting productivity and creativity at work and at home. Planners, stationary, calendars, organisers and electronics all fall under this category and shouldn’t be overlooked in your January marketing plans.

·         Hobbies – January is the time people find their motivation to pick up a guitar again, start playing a new sport, begin knitting, even start reading through their book list. The possibilities for new hobbies in January are almost limitless, so if you sell anything that you feel people could be taking up again for 2019, don’t be scared to shout about it.

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